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Bitcoin Price Prediction

I would like to alert my Blog readers about the advancement in price of bitcoin. Bitcoin is always in news & U.S is planning to launch bitcoin futures in the coming months or even weeks. I’ve planned to add Bitcoin to my portfolio and would adviced every to keep investing bit of money in bitcoin for better returns in future.

I know it is very moving Cryptocurrency but it gives highest returns in the market & it is just a start & I would surely it will give 3 to 4 times return in next six months.

Bitcoin Price Prediction to the expected level of $20k in next six months

Based on weekly and daily price Action supply demand zones, I would like to see a bottom near 7340 area & from there we can see upward pressure.

I’ve post in my blog around $3300 level that price is about to rise to $12k next quarter & price made a high close to $13200 & From there the ongoing correction is very timid and soon will be reversed & I would recommend buying bitcoin around 7350 levels & then we can stay in the trade with stops around 7319 area.

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