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How to Trade U.s dollar Future

We are waiting for much awaiting FOMC meet tomorrow & people are awaiting the policy changes and Rate Cut But I dont bother such annoucements as markets are already priced in for moves like such big event.

Guess! Who provide liquidity ?

Banks, Hedge fudns & institutions & they already know what lying ahead .

Usd/chf Chart tell us a different story

I would surely look around breach of area. We see there are couple of strong moves on the left & down . Both sides approach is quite panicful with so many things happening around & people are awaiting for price action & FOMC to give market direction to be more precise with easing & Rate cuts in the coming weeks & months . It just could be a start for overall bear market for both stocks & U.S dollar futures.

I’m not a bit too fundamental lover but rather I try to pinpoint such entries which gives you and an edge over different market conditions and that is why I always look for such charts which signals reversals or continuation with small risk. I would soon post my Fxbook link here to tell you the growth rate & formula which I use .

My max number of trade in a quarter is 4 & in a year is 12 & I target anywhere around six times of return on remaining capital.

Calculation of Risk management & Risk to reward

Let’s start with a capital of $200 with risk 10 percent & profit six times of risk.

$20 for a target of $120 atleast (Assuming you are risk 10 pips per trade & targeting sixty pips per trade ! Do we need to risk more ! Ask yourself after scroll through the blog for few days )

Now you have $320 total capital

(If you manage to win first trade which I most often do )

Total you have $320 (With max three trades in a quarter ) Now risk 30% to get 180% Let say $100 to get $600

We loss the first one and win the second So total overall we have $320-$100 =$200 +$600=$800 (Now lets trade another one in third quarter with 30% Risk & six time reward)

Total Now we have $240*6=$1500 +$800 ( Captial) = $2300 Do we need to trade in forth quarter ( If yest then Only Risk 20 %) which comes around exactly at $450 & target $2700

If we manage to won that one also then our ending captial would be around $5000 Start with $200 & earn $5000 in one year is amazing performance . Return of over 20 times.

Next year start with $1000 & repeat the process & I can promise you get 30 times return & then so on…..Learn the trick & see where you can reduce the risk & where you have edge on the market. & keep commenting & subscribing for complete free guidance.

Update on 6th August 2021

As I update above, about usd/chf selling, look how price has reacted to the zone of 0.9970 area & fallen more than 300 points in three days. I would keep the blog updated and mean time you keep scrolling & commenting on what you expect of future price action on any pair

In the meantime here is again the chart update of usd/chf

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