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Forex technical Analysis </head>

 Intraday Trading signals

There has been a dialema of techical analysis when it comes to forex trading to predict future prices of a currency, futures or commodities. But how does it help us in an extent to entry & exit and all we can rely on Few techical aspects like fibos, trendlines, Indicators and support and resistance.

But what about few market conditions that drives the market & risk which always hovers when it comes to live market conditions. We still have 50% of the chance that market will react in the same manner on what we expect it to do. Then, why we need to stick around charts for hours and apply hundred of technical strategies to look for outcomes.

What I personally do is to pick my hours of trading & rely on reactions of previous sessions & work on risk rewards may be two times of the risk. Interesting fact is this that still I have 50% chance of trade going my way. Si, if I pick 3-4 pairs a day & try to apply money management skills there is a good chance thatbI end up with profits everyday & that is why I start backtesting of trading few days ago for next two months and seriously it is rewarding

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